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Guava Health Benefits & Side Effects


Guava is a kind of tropical fruit with delicious flavor, and guava juice benefits are high in amount because guava fruit beverage is popular among people. Guava fruit can grow rapidly within 1 or 2 years compared to other fruits. They are oval in shape contain yellow or green outer skin.

One of the guava benefits is that guava helps to reduce the effect of blood sugar because it is high in polysaccharides, one type of protein substance.

Nutritional value of guava

Guava fruit benefits are extremely powerful because guavas are enriched with antioxidants, potassium, nutrients like vitamin C and lycopene. Guava fruit is an excellent source of fiber and protein.

Amount of nutritional values from 1 whole guava fruit, without refuse (55g) contains:

NutrientsValue% DV *  
Calories38 grams  0%
Total fat0.5 grams  0%
Potassium  229.4 grams6%
Total Carbohydrate  8 grams2%
Protein  1.4 grams2%
VitaminC  0.12557 grams209%
VitaminB6  0.06 milli grams5%
Magnesium  0.0121 grams3%

Research shows guava fruit benefits people who are going from as guava contains a lesser glycemic index. Apart from that, folate and beta carotene are other nutrients that are found in guava fruit in abundance.

Types of guava (guava varieties)

Technically guava is called a large berry which comes in different varieties of color and taste.

There are mainly five different types of guava:

  • White guava
  • Tropical guava
  • Organic guava
  • Pineapple guava
  • Pink guava

White Guava

The outer layer of the white guavas contains thin, edible, yellowish-green color skin and the inner layer contains the flesh which is bright white in color with a texture that fluctuates between apple and pear. The guava seeds are spread all over the center of the guava fruit, they are edible and are yellowish-white in shade.

Moreover, this type of guava is sour in taste compared to other types of guava. The white pulp inside the guava fruit is stiff but it is very luscious.  White guava has a higher amount of Vitamin C and tastes sweeter. 

Tropical Guava

This type of guava variety are initially from South Mexico but now this guava variety is found in India, Hong Kong, Asia, and Africa. Tropical guava has yellowish color skin with white pulp loaded inside the guava.

Also, this kind of guava variety grows best in regions with subtropical temperatures and requires moisture soil. Tropical Guava produces a pleasant smell and the flowers of the tropical guava tree are white in tone with a feathery stem.

Organic  Guava

The name itself of this type of guava describes guava variety. As this guava variety is nonchemical means no pesticides and fertilizers are used in agribusiness. Because the fruit is organic the benefits of guava are more as compared to normal guava fruit benefits.

 And because they are organic guava the size, shape, and color of the guava fruit differs from the normal fruit. This type of guava is said to be very beneficial for your immune system because organic guava is pesticide-free.

Pineapple Guava

Pineapple guava is also known as Feijoa sellowiana. This type of guava totally differs from all other varieties of guava because of the flavor it gives. Pineapple guava is extra sweet and a little bit tart in taste.

If we talk about the shape and color of this type of guava then they are large and round in shape and the outer skin is yellowish-green and the flesh inside it is pink in color with a creamy texture. Moreover, the flowers of this variety of guava trees are white and purple in color, and on top of that, the other guava fruit benefit is that flowers are edible.

Pink  Guava

Pink guavas have smooth green color skin that turns into yellow with unsteady brown markings when they ripen. This type of guava is in fig shape with the pink pulp inside it which is semi-soft.

This variety of guava has a sweet musky aroma with the flavor of papaya, passion fruit. Pink guava is popular for the powerhouse of nutrients, thus the benefits of guavas of pink color are more.

Health benefits of guava

Guava is beneficial because it is fully filled with nutrients and minerals. Guava is known as the “ Queen ” of all the fruits because it has a high level of medicinal values and also health benefits of guavas is highest. Also, the benefit of guava fruit is that it has the capacity to aid in different diseases.

Let’s take a look into the health benefits of guava.

  • Guava Fruit /Guava Leaves Benefits for painful periods
  • Boosting Immunity by Guava Benefits
  • Weight Loss Benefits of Guava Leaves
  • Guava Tea Benefits for Diabetes
  • Benefits of Guava for Constipation
  • Guava Leaves Benefits for Kidney
  • Benefits of Guava for Hair
  • Guava Benefits for Skin

Relieve Painful Periods

Research suggests that the consumption of  6 milligrams of extract of guava leaves benefits on daily basis, helps to reduce the pain during the menstrual cycle as menstrual cramps can vary in intensity, from gentle to strong. Also, the benefits of guava leaves extract are that it gives relaxation from uterine cramps.

Improve Your Immune System

The most important benefit of guava, it boosts immunity power because guava is high in Vitamin C . And it is said that guava has a good amount of Vitamin C nearly four times more than that of oranges. And the benefit of guava is that it improves your immune system which helps your body to safeguard it from pathogens that are the root cause of infections.

Guava leaves for weight loss

Not only guava fruit benefits but also guava leaves benefit your body in different ways. First and foremost is that guava leaves for weight loss . Guava is good for weight loss. The benefit of guava tea or benefits of guava juice is when guava fruit is consumed continuously it may help to control your appetite and guava leaves tea and guava juice is the best low-calorie drink option to melt off the weight . Compared to other fruits, the guava fruit benefits are more as guava leaves contain less sugar and high fiber content in them which helps to lose weight.

Guava for diabetes

Guava contains a low glycaemic index which prevents the development of diabetics. Another benefit of guava tea may avoid spikes in blood sugar and can brush up symptoms in people having Type-2 diabetes . Guava tea benefits to regulate the flow of sugar after meals, by obstructing the absorption of sucrose and maltose.

Guava for constipation

One guava fruit consumed in whole day carries 12% of fiber which is highly beneficial for digestion. Constipation occurs when food is stuck in your colon. Benefits of Guava fruit to clear the block way which cures the problem of constipation. Guava seed has taken whole or chewed finely, assists as laxatives help in bowel movements.

Guava benefits for kidney

Guava fruit can safeguard kidneys from diabetic development through its anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antiglycation effect. Also, some guava leaves benefits for endometriosis, failure of renal and eyes problems because of kidney stone disorder.

Guava fruit benefits for hair

Benefits of Guava are not only limited to your health but also to better skin and healthy hair. Guava leaves are a traditional remedy to promote hair growth and save yourself from hair loss because guava leaves are loaded with Vitamin B6. Guava leaves are beneficial for any hair problems.

Eating guava benefits for skin

Guava leaves benefit the people who have black spots and acne. Guava leaves have a high amount of antiseptics that destroys acne-causing bacteria.

Antioxidants present in the guava leaves benefit to demolish free radicals which destroy the skin. And the benefit of guava is that it refines the texture of the skin.

As mentioned earlier, guavas are rich in Vitamin C . Intake of guava either raw, Guava tea, or guava juice benefits to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

How to take benefits from guava

There are different ways for you to take guava benefits. Such as absorbing benefits by eating guavas empty stomach, nutrients from guava juice benefits, extract of guava leaves benefits, boiling guava leaves and having guava tea benefits, and many more.

Benefits of eating guava empty stomach

The benefit of eating a guava empty stomach is that it provides energy quickly to the body without disturbing the normal levels of glucose. This type of fruit with a lesser glycemic index does not affect the regular function of insulin.

Guava fruit is considered a healthy fruit like other fruits, which can be bon appetite due to its fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Health benefits of guava leave tea

Benefits of guava leave tea for fertility

Guava leaves tea for fertility is mostly recommended, however it depends on your health conditions and your cultural background. You can consume guava leaves tea at any time in the day, but it is preferred to take in the morning after lunch, or before bed . Guavas are enriched with nutrients thus helps to avoid complications.

Guava leaves and guava fruits are known to improve female fertility. Some medications are suggested to activate hormones in the woman’s womb which helps infertility.

Side effects of guava

Short-term nausea and stomach pain maybe because of the guava leaf extract.

Guava leaves also react adversely with the skin and cause irritation for some people.

Before consuming the guava leaf extract pregnant women or anyone who is breastfeeding should consult a doctor.


 Side effects of guava during pregnancy

Semi-ripe Guavas are strictly denied to take while pregnant, it may cause dental problems. Excess amount of intake to guava fruit causes motions.

Don’t take any medications or supplements made from guava it is prescribed to take in its original form. It is advisable to take organic guava type of fruit because others are injected with chemicals and they may have an adverse effect on both mother and child.

Side effects of guava leaves

Guava leaf tea is not recommended for pregnant women as there may be a chance of complications during pregnancy, although there is no evidence to prove this.

As the fiber content in guava is beneficial but some people found that they suffer from constipation after drinking a lot of guava leaf tea. This can be not true but, you should make an appointment with the doctor before consuming it.

Guava seeds side effects

Stomach disorders may be cause by  the consumption of guava seeds only. Guava seeds if not chewed properly got stuck in your intestine and if chewed properly guava benefits for constipation .


What are the health benefits of guava?

Guava is said to be a magical fruit and therefore numerous health benefits of guava are there.Guava benefits every part and organ of the body ,if consumed in a proper way . Guava benefits for skin , Guava benefits for hair ,Guava leaves benefits for weight loss, Guava Benefits for  blood pressure and many more.

What is the best time to eat guavas?

Guava fruit contains high amount of water content and guava fruit benefits when taken in the morning before your breakfast. This type of fruit like guava taken empty stomach not only reduce the hunger but also warm up your digestion system .

Which disease can guava cure?

Guava benefits in many diseases , guava fruit benefits because it contains high level of medicinal values. Guava is said to be the ancient remedy to aid diseases such as flu , diabetes ,cancer and blood pressure , due to the mixture present in guava leaf extract .

Who should not eat guavas?

People who suffer from bloating or gastrointestinal issues , having bowel syndrome , someone who is prone to cough and cold , anyone having toothache .

Also avoid guava if you are allergic to guava fruit .

What happen if we eat guava daily?

Guavas are magnificent source of dietary fiber .Therefore guava fruit benefits when consumed daily in a right way for digestive health. One serving per day sounds good for consumption.                     


Overall, although guavas are low in calorie content  , they are rich in nutrients .And the guava benefit is that guava fruit  has great health benefits which helps you to stay fit and healthy without any diseases .

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