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Everything about Avocado: Health Benefits, Side effect, Nutrition & recipes

Everything about Avocado: Health Benefits, Side effect, Nutrition & recipes

Avocado is an berry fruit of the avocado tree which contain fleshy pulp. It is native to central America and Mexico. Avocados have a tender green flavour. It is rich in fats.

About 7,000 years ago the avocado tree originated in southern Mexico and Colombia. In the 16th century, the Aztecs and Incas shared avocados with Spanish conquistadores, whom they called Aguacade. 

Over time they are called “alligator pears” by the English colonies because of their green, scales, and pear shape, avocados reach to north American culture.

There are now 80 varieties of California – Hass avocados are very popular in their group.

Nutritional benefits of avocado

Avocados are high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals, Avocado nutrition such as

  • Vitamins B
  • Vitamin K
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

According to a researcher, eating avocado helps to lose weight and control disease like .

  • Type 2 diabetes,
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease.

In market, variance type of available which differentiate from color, size and texture. Eat avocados as raw in smoothies or salads.

 Avocado nutrition helps to soothe the joints and also helps in lower blood pressure.

Avocados are very popular all over the world. Avocado trees find in Mediterranean areas around the world.

Avocados trees are available in India in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Avocado nutrition is a good source of carotenoids. Inflammation of carotenoids promotes healthy growth and development as well as an increase in the immune system.

Avocados nutrition contains folate that helps support a healthy pregnancy, B vitamins to fight fatigue. Healthy fats increase the absorption of nutrients from other foods.

Below are the avocado calories i.e 68 gm of avocado:

  • Calories 114.
  • Dietary fiber 6 g.
  • Total sugar 0.2 g.
  • Potassium 345 (mg)
  • Sodium 5.5 mg.
  • Magnesium 19.5 mg.
  • Vitamin A 43 micrograms (μg)
  • Vitamin E 1.3 mg.

Calories in an avocado

It is important to note that avocados is very high in fiber, low in carbs so you can eat avocados as a part of your daily healthy diet.

The amount of avocados calories will depend on their size. but most avocados are small and some can be very large (up to 300 grams or more).

According to the USDA Nutrient Database, there are 322 calories in a large avocado (200 grams). On average, the avocado calories ranges from 200 to 300 according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Avocados are huge-fat foods. 77% of its calories come from fat, which makes it one of the most nutritious plant foods available.

One avocado has 322 calories. according to the USDA. (U.S. Department of Agriculture) That may seem like a lot, but a single fruit offering holds about 107 calories.

Health benefits of avocado

1. It helps detoxify the body

2. May also helps to Improve digestion

3. It may prevent cancer

4. May It helps with heart disease and cholesterol

5. Avocados are rich in nutrients

1. It helps detoxify the body

 Avocados as a dietary supplement but these powerful nutrients helps in lower cholesterol and open blood vessels.

Avocados contain a essence called glutathione which helps to prevent lever damage.

During a detox diet It is necessary to eat fat because it promotes the release of bile from the gallbladder.

This is especially important because the liver removes toxins that process it into gall. Eating benefits avocado can help you get rid of toxins.

 By eating Avocados the body makes glutathione, an amino acid used in liver discharge in stage 2.

Researchers have found that avocados contain powerful photochemical that can reduce liver damage. They have also shown that eating one or two avocados a week for less than 30 days can repair a damaged liver.

 2. Improve digestion

Avocados nutrition such as potassium which help promote healthy  digestive function. And foods are low in fructose so they are less likely to cause gas.

The nutrition in Avocados contains insoluble fibers that relieve  to  intestines.

These fibers are essential for the digestion of food to ensure the smooth flow of food through the digestive tract. Eating these foods is high and also reduces the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation.

 3. It can prevent cancer

Avocados can play a role in the treatment of cancer. As per Researchers the chemical photochemical in this fruit can significantly slow down the growth of pre-cancerous cells.

They also help to increase the number of immune cells known as lymphocytes. That’ why avocado diets also control drug damage in our body.

 As per researcher Hass avocados kill or stop the growth of pre-cancerous cells leading to oral cancer.

Avocados may play a role in the treatment of cancer, and other studies shows that photochemical produced by avocados can inhibit selective cancer cell growth and cause the death of cancer cells .

4. May It help with heart disease and cholesterol

 In today’s world, we forget health matters most. High cholesterol, blood pressure, strokes, insufficient triglyceride levels, etc. It  can cause death. Avocados are known to reduce the risk of heart disease. They can significantly lower total cholesterol.

Adding avocado to your daily diet can help lower bad cholesterol, and reduce your risk of heart disease, according to health.

Benefits of avocado oil 

Avocado oil is an edible oil which extract from pulp of avocados, the fruit of  America. It use as inedible oil both raw as well as cooked and It also use for cosmetics.

Sometime in cooking required a high heat, so in that case we can use avocado instead of olive oil. Because avocado contains high smoke point due to that avocado oil will not easy burn on high flame. Safe heat temperature is upto 480 ° F (249 ° C).

Both unrefined and used avocado oil can use safely in almost any high-temperature cooking, including baking, frying, deep-frying, roasting, toasting, roasting and chipping.

As with any oil, the more refined it is, the higher the point of smoke. 30 mL of avocado oil contains 3.6 mg of Vitamin E and 146.1 mg of beta-Sitosterol.

Avocado oil can also apply directly to the skin as a moisturiser and can be found in many cosmetics and skincare products. When produced for outdoor use, the oil is usually refined and trimmed in pale yellow color.

Regional differences in avocado plants and different extraction processes can produce a different taste, and, to a lesser extent, a healthy food profile.

Avocado oil contains vitamin E and helps the body absorb other fat-soluble vitamins. While research into the potential benefits of avocado oil is in the field of animal testing.

Avocado oil is a good source of mono unsaturated fats link to lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is link to stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Similar to olive oil, avocado oil has a high content of oleic acid which lower the blood pressure.

Low cholesterol and high blood pressure contribute to good heart health, but avocado oil can also help reverse inflammatory processes associated with heart risk.

Researcher experiments on rats which fed sugar and then gave avocado oil and resulting they less suffered from cardiac events. And those rats ate sugar without avocado supplement, their more suffered in cardiac events..

Avocado fruit or vegetable 

Avocados are one of the few fruits (yes, technically they are a fruit, not a veggie) that comprise wholesome unsaturated fats.

Those fat help decrease undesirable cholesterol The famous haas avocado has dark skin. it grows  in 12 months  in California. 

Avocado consider as fruit as in keeping with agriculture phrases. It’s domestic to Mexico and grows quality in a warm climate .

 In the weight loss program chart, this fruit is full of fiber, potassium, heart-friendly unsaturated fat, and a large wide variety of antioxidants.

 Avocado grows on trees in a hot weather. Avocados are creamy, easy in texture and feature a thick, dark-green or black skin. 

 Due to its green shade and savory flavor, many people keep in mind it a vegetable. Many humans also use avocado in salads. This can additionally be a cause to recall avocado a vegetable, but avocado is technically a fruit (a seeded berry).

Those fruits consist of a hard outer layer (skin or rind), observed by means of the middle layer, which we typically realize as the pulp of the fruit and the overlaying around a seed (or seed). 

 People have also question in their mind that whether avocado is a fruit or vegetable? Researcher result shows that avocado generally develop from the flower of the plant and often include seeds .so it considers as fruit.

Benefits of eating avocado

Avocados are nutrient rich. In line with the USDA national nutrient database, one serving (one-fifth of an avocado, about 40 grams) consists of

  • Healthy for the heart. 
  • Extraordinary for vision. 
  • Also helps to preventing Cancer.
  • Healthful for babies. 
  •  Gives Progress in digestion.

Benefits of avocado sexually

 Avocado contains the nutrition b6, which some research show can decrease symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (such as fatigue, bloating, and irritability). This could make it less complicated for girls to “get within the mood.” for guys, avocado can also increase libido a bit greater in a way.

 Strength foods are superb for elevating power degrees and of course a healthy libido is essential for first-rate thoughts-blowing sex – avocados can come up with each. 

Avocado contains verity of minerals and most important vitamin b6 which help to increase sex power in human body.

Avocado benefits for skin

 Avocados are high in wholesome fat. Healthful fat are useful to many functions of the body. which includes accomplishing healthful, glowing skin.

They’re vital to retaining skin bendy and moisturized and help reduce the appearance of growing old. Furthermore, avocados are full of antioxidants like lutein and beta carotene. 

Avocado has many blessings like pores and skin, hair ,health and so forth. Lets disscuss avocado blessings for skin .

  • Prevents skin harm.
  • Improves pores and skin elasticity.
  • Minimizes breakouts.
  • Improves typical skin fitness.
  • Prevents dry skin.

Avocado advantages for hair

 Avocado is a excellent source of biotin, nutrition which help in weight loss program may additionally also in hair growth more healthily.

Study shows that minerals in avocado oil like potassium and magnesium can seal cuticle cells which prevent from hair damage. 

 The nutrients, proteins, and fats in avocados help to reverse the harm and stimulate wholesome hair growth. 

 Avocados are rich in protein .These, along with the ones correct fats and diet make the hair strong, healthy, smooth. 

Benefits of avocado seed

 Avocado seeds make up extra than 18% of the deliciously creamy avocado fruit and regularly toss aside commonly.

However, in every avocado the antioxidant content is greater than 70%.below are benefits of avocado seeds.

  •  Seeds are High in antioxidants 
  •  It may Heals digestive issues.
  •   Also Decrease irritation 

However, there are all most equal benefits of avocado and its seeds. You could eat greedily. each as consistent with your desire.

Side effects of avocado seed

 There also concern that avocado seed oil may cause harm because it increase enzymes (a substance produced by a living organism) and fat build-up inside the livers of rats.

 Currently, there isn’t sufficient evidence which assure avocado seed is safe for human consumption because the studies thus far has been carried out in animals.

Although one person who used a specific avocado oil plus vitamin B12 cream for psoriasis stated moderate itching. Remember the fact that avocado has a whole lot of calories because of its fat content. 

How to ripen avocados?

 Avocados can be ripening at the harvesting time .it does not ripen on the tree.

To naturally ripe avocado, for that take paper bag and put avocado in that about 2 to 3 days with loosely open bag.   Sometimes very hard avocado take a 4 – 5 days a time to ripen. Reason to ripen fruits in bag is trap the ethylene gas which faster the ripen process.

However there is another technique yet this is not herbal manner.

To ripe an avocado in the microwave. First, cut the avocado in half and cast off the pit. Wrap each half of with microwave-safe plastic wrap and prepare dinner for 30 2nd periods on medium high till then preferred softness done.


Thus, we can say that from above data avocado has many benefits like skin, hair, health and nutritional. We can also say that from above data avocado is not a vegetable.

Researcher result shows that avocado generally develop from the flower of the plant and often include seeds .so it considers as fruit.

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