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Lower back pain causes, exercise and treatment


Lower back pain is common back pain, which arise in spine. Due to lower back pain, patients struggle in standing straight.
Low back pain usually sorts out on its own. However, there are many treatments for low back pain like exercise, medicine, etc.
To cure lower back pain, you can choose home remedies, medicine or yoga as a treatment.

What is low back pain?

Lumbar region is called low back which start below the ribcage. Which pain cause due to injury or stretched at Lumbar region called a low back pain.

Person sits continuously at one place with same position so load occurs on Lumbar region. And after couple of days or month low back pain started.

From 20th century, People are more engage in back-office jobs where they must sit on their chairs at least for 8 hours. So they get lower back pain.

Many times pregnant women have also lower back pain problems. Well, this is not the end of lower back pain. It will also again grow after c-section surgery.

As per the researcher’s study, about 80% of the general populations are having low back pain problems.

If patient is having chronic pain since more than three months. It can be heal through our body’s healing process. The low back Chronic pain often involves a disc problem.

Common Causes of Lower back pain

Many a time lower back pain causes when injuries occur, such as muscle sprains or strains due to sudden movements or poor body mechanics.

Due to heavy lifting objects also cause the lower back pain problems. This issue mostly occurs in women.

However, at age of 30 and 50 people has lower back pain in most of the cases. This is somewhat due to the changes that occur in the body with aging.

Fluid content are available at vertebrae in the spine. That’s work as lubricant to work spine smoothly. But people reach to old age this fluid will reduce. That’s why lower back pain problem occurred as well.

All most all people are facing at least one backache in their life. Lowe back pain give discomfort anywhere in our back.

Spine important role is to handle whole human body’s weight. Through these, we can also be having back pain problems.

Most common causes of lower back pain

  •  By Lifting a heavy object
  • To move suddenly
  • Can sit in one position for a long time
  • Due to body Injury.

When, we are having a sudden injury to the muscles that link to supporting the back. it is also said as acute low back pain.

The muscle spasms or a strain may cause pain in the muscles and their connective area.

Striving in lower back

In most cases of low back pain muscle strain start to diminish within two or three hours or days and does not lead to long-term problems.

If lower back pain has continued for more than a week if it is disrupting your daily activities, then you should take the doctor’s advice.

Muscle strains and sprains support the weight of the upper body and are associate with moving, twisting, and bending.

Common cause of low back pain is tearing of ligaments or muscle stretched or torn, which resulting lower back pain.

Disc strains and sprains.

A slipped disk is a condition that can occur in the spine, but most often occurs in the lower back.

It is sometimes also referred to as a swelling, extending, or ruptured disk. It is also a common cause of lower back pain.

Back scans are often aimless for resolving whether a person’s back pain is arriving from a disc issue, or with aging.


Sciatica is pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The pain diffuses from the spine and down into the backside of the thigh, leg and particular foot.

Sciatica is correlating with nerve function. Sciatica may cause a sensation in the affected lower limb. May often occur paralysis.

Disc prominence is a cause of sciatica. The spinal nerves have room to slide up and down inside the spinal column whenever the body moves.

Lumber Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the diminishing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine.

Spinal stenos is occurs when one or more bony openings in foramina (types of tissue, as with the foramen oval in the heart). Due to that start spine begin to narrow and reduce space for the nerves.

Diagnose of Low Back Pain

Patient description of back pain is very important for your doctor to diagnose your condition properly.

It is also important to discuss when and where the back pain began, what activities you do, related symptoms, and any chronic medical conditions.

Below are the test that can be asked by doctor for the lower back pain.

  • X-ray 
  • Computerized tomography (CT) 
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 
  • Electro diagnostics 
  • Bone scans 
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Blood tests 

Treatment for lower back pain

Some injuries and conditions need surgical restoration. Verity of surgery available for low back pain. After surgery doctor also ask the patient to take a rest.

Patients will take rest for couple of days, then after start routine work. However, staying active also increases blood flow and also heal back pain.

Nurse or doctor uses a needle to inject medication into the area that’s causing pain. Steroid injections take important role to relieve pain.

Doctors prescribe drugs that help to relieve pain. Other medications help in relaxing muscles and preventing back pain.

Lower Back pain – Other Diagnosis and treatment

  • Advise patients to stay active
  • Prescribe medication if necessary
  • Paracetamol
  • Give exercise for muscle pain relief
  • So yoga and stretches
  • Consider spinal manipulation for pain relief

Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain

  1. Keep walking
  2. Sit with proper posture
  3. Keep you Weight healthy
  4. Strengthen your muscles
  5. Regular do Stretching exercise
  6. Use ice or steam heat on pain area
  7. Use medicated creams for pain
  8. Take necessary supplement to keep muscle and bone healthy

Physiotherapy exercises and Stretches for lower back pain

Pelvic Tilt

Keep your feet parallel though out the pose and reach your fingers towards your heels. Only up and down your waist (lower spine part) part of your body.

Child’s Pose

Spread your knees as wide as your mat.  Let your belly rest between your thighs and rest your forehead on the floor.

Forward Bend in Sitting

Spread your knees on mat, how much you can and rest your belly within thighs. And last try to touch forehead on the floor.

Cat and cow pose

Cat – Cow pose is repetition of changing pose between cow pose and cat pose. Due to it you feel warms the body. Your Spine wills more flexible. And stretches the back torso and neck while stimulating and strengthening the abdominal organs.

Standing Toe Touches

Standing toe touches not only work your abdominal muscles,

but stretch and work your calves, your hamstrings, your butt and your shoulders.


Keep your feet parallel though out the pose and both hand on your stomach. Your thigh and waist move up and down   in sequential manner.

Lower back rotational stretches (Lumbar Knee Rolling )

Lumbar Knee Rolling is perfect exercise for movement in whole spine and lower back. Lower back rotational stretches  give proper treatment for pain relief in lower back pain.

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch give pressure on the lower back and prevent lower back pain. This stretch increase the flexibility and improve good posture pose.

Hip stretches

Stretch tight hip flexors to relieve back pain. Stretch tight hip flexors which make more flexible.

Piriformis Stretch

In Piriformis Stretch,  involve hips, upper legs and feet due to that it gives best movement in daily routines.

Spine Stretch Forward

It is best stretch for lower back and hamstrings. Spine Stretch Forward release strain in upper, mid and lower back of spine.

People Also Ask

What can cause lower back pain in a woman?

  • PMS.
  • PMDD.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Dysmenorrhea.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Other causes.
  • Muscle strain.
  • Sciatica.

How can I tell if my back pain is kidney related?

  • Kidney pain is sharp and more than normal back pain
  • Kidney pain find below the ribcage and on the both side of spine

How do I know if my back pain is serious?

  •  High Fever
  • Unjustified weight loss.
  • Abrupt spike in pain
  • Sudden Discomfort, Weakness or numbness.
  • Working fail bladder function.
  • Severe stomach pain.

How do you tell if lower back pain is muscle or disc?

Muscle pain not cause due to single occurrence of stress as cause on repetition of load in muscle. Disc pain between vertebrae of spine and which goes down and generate pressure on spine Nurves.

What is the fastest way to relieve back pain?

  • Related Exercise like Stretches
  • Hot & Cold Treatments.
  • Relief activity from Your Stress.
  • Take enough Sleep.

What organs can cause lower back pain?

  • Large Intestine.
  • Kidneys.
  • Pancreas.
  • Appendix.

Is walking good for lower back pain?

Benefits of walking as a low-impact form of exercise.

Bottom Line:

Low back pain mostly find at muscle (strain) or ligament (sprain).  Other factors are avoiding regular exercise, inappropriate lifting, bad posture habit, arthritis, a fracture and a split disc.

In all scenario, you will found pain in the lower back which mostly low back pain recover away on its own in two to four weeks. Physiotherapy and pain relievers can help. A few cases may require surgery.

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