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Health Benefits of Turmeric vs. Curcumin with side effects, supplement & substitute


Turmeric most famous & use spices in the world as working as medicine since many years.

Turmeric is basically coming from root of curcuma longa. Curcumin is the chemical in turmeric which use for reducing the swelling.

We can see the numbers of use of turmeric like, use for osteoarthritis. Key use while person suffer in depression, high fever, cough, or high cholesterol.

The use of Turmeric and its wide turmeric benefit during Covid 19 is not required any explanation or data.

So let’s start the journey for the health benefits of Turmeric vs Curcumin with the detail of side effects. And of course, the supplement and substitute for the same. Use of the same is huge and turmeric benefits is countless.

What Are Turmeric and Curcumin?

Turmeric is the best flowering plant, the family joints of the ginger as Curcuma longa. Widely used in cooking and many other medicine and healing formation. So, used as health supplement and cooking as in raw form.

Curcumin is yellow chemical generated by plants of sound Curcuma longa species.

It is the functional curcuminoid of turmeric. This is the active compound in turmeric.

Curcumin’s main contains the antioxidant and super anti-inflammatory better effects and support may turmeric benefit people at the issue of diabetes also for osteoporosis but its absorption can be poor. Turmeric benefit flourish over the world.

What is curcumin good for (curcumin benefits)?

The curcumin gives the best punch to manage the oxidative and inflammatory stage, syndrome of metabolic, arthritis and anxiety. 

it prove that it helps in the format of exercise- induced inflammation & muscle soreness in human body.

In some specific condition curcumin is better than turmeric, as both are good to reduce the sugar level in blood in ty-2 diabetes. But the study shows the curcumin is more active to get the better level of sugar in blood.

The reduction of osteoporosis risk is also markable compare to turmeric. So good to go with the response on what is turmeric curcumin

The black pepper substance called Piperine will support to rise the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%.

It is highly suggestable that before going for any supplement use of curcumin please meet the health team or consult doctor as it impact some reason or side effect like kidney imbalance etc.

What is turmeric root?

The great turmeric is a rhizome (turmeric root) that welcomes from family of  the plant of the ginger family which also knows as Zingiberaceae, effectively have native to India and is used as a spice in cooking and much more in medicine science for healing and cure.

The root Curcuma longa has its own feather of effective medicine and improving the strength.

Make sure that we should not confused for turmeric with effective Javanese turmeric root or tree turmeric.

The selection confusion can extend with zedoary or goldenseal, as these plants are unrelated but known as Turmeric sometimes.  

What are the benefits of turmeric?

When we are saying some concern related to skin shine, healing, glowing, reduce blood pressure and many more turmeric benefits from the use of turmeric. Turmeric substitute are also in high demand.

Health benefits of turmeric

  • Help to delay the Alzheimer’s Disease.

Turmeric support human brains by avoiding or delaying the diseases like Alzheimer’s.

As it is improving the levels of brain-derived super neurotrophic factor (BDNF), The proteins plays important role to catch up the spinal and mind cords properly, So proper intake of the Turmeric will impact in positive manners and support human body to avoiding brain related issues. turmeric benefits is the key for healthy body.

  • A role in treating depression.

Depression connect with lower levels of BDNF. Turmeric’s power  to boost levels of BDNF with the extra ordinary level, the spice shows promise as an effective downer.

Multiple study worldwide published for the better dosage success ratios gives the outcome path view.

  • Turmeric gives the protection from Free Radicals.

In human body, The Antioxidants gives the best protection your body against damage caused by free radicals. There would highly reactive and sensitive atoms that are created in our bodies, as well as in outward pollutants like cigarette dust and smoke and very known industrial chemicals.

Turmeric plays vital role here to protect our skin from many skin issue damage.

  • Work as best weapon against the Anti-Aging supplement.

There is no such scientific proof direct results the Turmeric gives the anti-aging effect. But thanks to the performance radiance of the Turmeric which have the capacity  to fight inflammation in totality, protect our full body against free radicals at the skin layer, and most importantly  extend the time for the brain degeneration and additional  age-related.

  • Many more to go….

Scientifically, prove that turmeric will helps to fight with many critical illness and disease like, Obesity, heart issue, Diabetes, Liver, Cancer, Antifungal and many more.

Turmeric benefits for skin

Turmeric gives the lot of technical layer protection as its better anti-inflammatory, super antimicrobial, and antioxidant data, turmeric support on an effective result for a variety of skin effectiveness, also taken care for the acne, eczema (atopic dermatitis).

It goes beyond the limit around thousand of years there the Turmeric is proven and effective super hero on skin disease fight.

Turmeric for weight loss

Recent research proves the effective result on the weight loss by using the Turmeric. The curcumin may overturn particular stirring markers that play a spike role in obesity.

These symbols are generally elevated in people with excess weight or obesity. The detail research captured the effective reduction in the weight loss matrix with markable result.

The result effects the change in recording format from 1.88 to 4.93 % increase of chance in fat loss.

The best ability of natural cleansing gives the spike in the weight reduction. The liver function ability is also improve by the use of the Turmeric in the sense manner gives the punch effective result on the weight loss project. Globally the best turmeric benefits is considered as weight loss now a days.

Turmeric for dogs

Turmeric generally use in human body with many years proven on some issues like of skin, joints and many more, Dog is also same kind of resultant use of turmeric.

The proper form of limited use of turmeric in the diet of Dog will gives help dog to get reflect in better way, like for following.

  • Turmeric supports in the pain associated to joints concerns and special support to fight with arthritis.
  • Blood clotting can avoid in dog by use of Turmeric.
  • In Dog the dietary fat breakdown is also important, It can better managable by Turmeric which will be Helping short-tempered bowel issues.
  • In dog turmeric gives much more antioxidant.
  • Lastly as human it supports to boost the immune system in dog as well.

What Are the side Effects of curcumin and Turmeric ?

Turmeric and curcumin is having format of proper feeding on human body in any formation like as raw or supplement.

Sometimes the dosage side effect observe that core gastrointestinal with some more factors like constipation, digestion issue, over vomiting, of course stomach pain or its imbalance.  The turmeric side effects is major towards to the stomach and skin.

Over usage of the Curcumin results some skin rashes and other disease related to the skin, It is purely allergy issue or over use or improper[PM1]  format of curcumin. 

As Turmeric also use for the blood thinner, people needs to avoid if have bleeding disorder in their body. curcumin side effects results the solid effect over the human blood.

Over dosage of curcumin is also increasing the kidney stone possibilities and imbalance function of kidney.

Pregnant women or women with breastfeeding should avoid the supplement format of turmeric as it could stimulate the uterus contractions and could create issue or complication ahead for baby birth or his health.

As bottom line the dosage is much important in human body to avoid all kind of side effects.

The science behind the dose shows that health benefits of turmeric use mainly turmeric extracts that contain effectively curcumin in total doses exceeding 1 gram per day.

So it is easier to take Turmeric as dose of supplement and support the body in better way. 

The best measurement for the curcumin format supplement to take on a routine day basis is about 1.4 milligrams per pound of total body weight, up to maximum as 12 grams.

If we go more than this value could be form of danger in terms of any side effect which like from mild to major. 

Best turmeric supplement

Here moving ahead with the best question all the time to choose the best supplement for turmeric. That’s the: What is a good supplement for turmeric?

The effective mode of supplement in Turmeric is with the liquid. The form of smoothie or some kind of blended form with water or some other formation.

In current market there are thousands of the supplements are on sell, but make sure to refer the guidelines of usage, dosage and form of the same based on your body reactive or suitability.

Many Ayurveda and allopathic companies are selling the supplement in form of tablet, powder and liquid juice with the combination of other effective ingredients.

Majority of all are herb product will be having minimal side effect. Some important Supplement which are in high demand currently shows below with brief.

Best turmeric supplement for inflammation

The use of the powder turmeric in curries, smoothies, else in salads is the best turmeric supplement for inflammation.

Food like mustard the yellow food, It may also have turmeric. But the amount may not be enough for any super therapeutic effect, effective turmeric is only 2 to 9 percent curcumin.

Black paper use together for more test.

Care of Turmeric.

The best source of supplement turmeric – which loaded with 350 mg per serving better source from 2 types of turmeric.

Pure vegetarian and gluten free good source of genetically proved support the health.

Swanson vitamins

Vitamin tablet of 700 mg of turmeric super extract that’s standardiz to contain 95% formation of curcuminoids.

Some kind of biopterin named sometimes with piperine. Also confirmed with success ratio of supplement against the inflammation.

Best turmeric supplement for weight loss

curcumin, works as the main active super ingredient in turmeric, giving the  boost weight loss by supportive 5 percent if you regular taking 800 milligrams (mg) with 8 mg piperine with the stroke of black paper  twice daily for 30 days will support better. Taking any good supplement, need to talk with doctor for the better dosage and use.

The capsule Elm & Rye best for the format of weight loss and the super ingredients to make all of its very effective supplements, and these turmeric capsules are with zero exception.

Sustainably sourced from farms that care just as much about the earth as about your health, this contains the best boosting and result over the weight loss in the human body and supportive with the body response.

Best turmeric supplement for arthritis

In human body the Joint pain, specific in the knee, due to arthritis variance affects about 1 in 10 older Americans and more in other countries.

Many scientific researches find that an super ingredient in the spice yellow turmeric can significantly reduce knee pain in people with osteoarthritis – but it won’t improve total swelling or change cartilage in form of success.

The hillan turmeric powder is the best supplement for the arthritis. True basics capsules widely known and available in market for the best cure formation on arthritis. Thone Meriva 500-SF is also key supplements and famous to cure over the arthritis.  Many of The herbs based capsules and powder format of supplement to cure cover on arthritis.


Turmeric is the best herbal natural spice which mostly accept to cure many things from the disease over skin, blood, heart and many more.

The best thing in turmeric is boosting the immune system all the time. The wide usage of Turmeric and curcumin supports the best health and keep moving against the fight on virus attack, anti-aging, heart disease, blood related issues and many more.

It is the trend use from the million’s years in the form of different different mode and method but widely used in positive manner.

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